Styling with CSS, Master Pages and Skins

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Common elements of a Web Site for styling. As the title of this tutorial says; the common elements are Style Sheets, Master Pages and Skins. In this tutorial on Common Web site styling elements, you will learn are:

  • Applying Styles in several ways and using Cascading Style Sheets
  • Using Visual Studio Style Tools
  • Creating Master Pages
  • Creating Themes for web sites and Pages and applying a Skin to a control

Extra effort is required to create a web site with a great User experience. You should always give more priority on the appearance of the webpages when developing any website. Even just random text can look good, with a professional web site design. A professional design might include grids, charts and graphs to graphically represent the plain text into more meaningful messages. These components might be gently rounded, blended, shadowed and sculptured according to your website’s needs and audience.

On completion of this tutorial you will be able to design and style your very own requirements onto the ASP.NET Controls and create templates for Web applications with matched skins, themes and master pages.

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