Web Page Standards, Layouts and Usability

The latest Web development tools available today generate HTML markup on their own making us, the programmers harder to create non-standard and invalid page layout and decrease usability. The latest Web development tools now have their own syntax validators to point out errors in the code written by humans. Even though these Web development tools have their own validators and methods of assembling HTML tags, we developers need to involve with the engineering to put a web page and the web site together.

This can be done by selecting the best technologies and by creating the most user-friendly and appealing layout and techniques to make the pages easy to target audience to use.

In this ASP.NET tutorial you will learn how to adhere to technology standards, increasing usability, and some elements of page design which can affect the quality of the ASP.NET pages or websites you create. On completion of the following ASP.NET tutorial you will be able to:

  • Creating standards-based pages
  • Using CSS to create column layouts
  • Trimming page bloat
  • Making pages accessible and easy to use

The following is the tutorial on the basics of Web Page Standards, Layouts and Usability and how to apply them like a pro.

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