HTML Forms Tutorial

Today many web developers strive to increase user friendliness and increase the interactivity of the web site, so the users feel wanted. You can run a website using any language, either ASP.NET or PHP, but still the front-end also known as the interface which the user sees is the same. The method of sending and receiving data to a script on a website is accomplished with the use of HTML forms.

The fundamental idea behind the HTML form is the same as that of a paper form; it is used to get information, by presenting some related sections of a page where the user has to input information. In the next few chapters you will learn several ways in which you can create a form to get the user to enter information, like typing in, selecting it from a list or even by ticking boxes. HTML will handle the form lik a paper form through which you can use these information. In HTML forms there are single items as well as groups of items, all gathered together in one large form and then the HTML tells the browser where to return the information.

In the following HTML tutorial you will learn how to create HTML forms for use with server-side scripts and other uses.

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